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Take a peek at our 2022 Summer Camp Line Up!

It's March, so naturally that means it's time to talk about the summer.

Haven't even thought about summer yet? We've got your back! Copper Hills Center for the Arts has over fifteen day camps slated for June and July.

Our goal is simple: give them a creative outlet.

It is important to note that our day camps are not about filling time, but instead about leveraging it. The average child has eight weeks of summer vacation. How they spend that time can make all the difference in the next school year (and beyond). Studies show that summer camps like ours help kids retain problem solving momentum, provide a creative outlet, and set them up for an easier re-entry.

They also provide much needed social connection: The last few years have disrupted our kids' interactions. The ripple effects of that are staggering. Summer Camps provide a community where children come together to have fun while learning. This helps them practice vital social skills like creating friendships, developing healthy communication and teamwork.

Less Screen Time, More Brain Time: The average child ages 8 to 18 has over 6 hours of screen time per day. This typically increases during the summer months when parents are desperate to keep kids occupied. This excessive screen time is linked to emotional and behavior challenges and also leads to increased inattention, anxiety and depression.

By enriching their summer, kids are given the chance to leverage focus, creativity and connection; which is a much healthier use of their time.

This year we've created five summer camp categories for tweens and teens to invest their time:

  • Arts

  • Dance

  • Theater

  • Photography

  • STEM

Each camp keeps kids creatively engaged and socially stimulated. We invite you to take a moment to explore the possibilities of summer at Copper Hills Center for the Arts Summer Camps!

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