Frequently asked questions

Do I need an instrument to get started

Students will make the most progress if they have an instrument at home to practice. We’re glad to recommend economical options and help you find the right thing to get started.

Can I do online lessons?

YES! Most of our instructors offer online lessons and are glad to do so rather than cancel the lesson if meeting in person is not possible. These arrangements need to be made directly with your instructor 24 hours in advance to allow time for equipment readiness. (We’ve given online lessons to students on the beach, camping, and even in their car! It’s a great way to have a lesson even if you’re out of town.) If you prefer to do online lessons on a regular basis, please talk with our instructor to make those arrangements.

Do I have to be on Autopay?

Nope. If you would like to opt out of AutoPay you may request manual payments. Manual payments are an additional $15/month due to the added cost of manually invoicing and following up on payment with the student and/or parent. Personal checks, money orders, and exact cash are priced as manual payments and must be received by your first lesson of the month. Payments more than seven days overdue will be assessed a $40 late fee.

What if I need to change the credit card used for my Autopay?

Contact and she can help you get it changed.

What if I want a longer lesson?

Yah! Talk with your instructor to find a timeslot that works.

Am I locked into lessons forever?

Nope. We hope you will continue with lessons for a long time, of course. But if something changes and you decide to stop prior to the end of your 12-month contract year, just give us 30 days notice and you’re good to go.

What if I need to miss lessons?

You have two ways to approach missed lessons: Vacation Days and Makeup Days. a. Vacation Days: Your equalized payments account for 6 Vacation Days per contract year (typically used for holidays or vacation, but are used at your discretion regardless of reason). We’d love to know in advance, but a minimum 24 hours notice is required for Vacation Days. If 24 hours notice is not given it will be counted as a regular lesson. b. Make-Up Lessons: In addition to the 6 Vacation Days, you are granted 4 Makeup Lessons per contract year. A minimum 24 hours notice is required to be eligible for a makeup lesson. For cancellations that meet this minimum, your teacher will credit a makeup pass to your account and together you will confirm the makeup date and time. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours advanced notice or without notice (no-show) are not eligible for makeups and will be counted as a regular lesson. Students are granted one Makeup Lesson per quarter (3 months).

What if I’m late to a lesson?

Refunds will not be issued due to student tardiness. If the student is 15 minutes late, they will be considered absent, the instructor is not expected to wait, and it will be counted as a regular lesson. Still want to come for a partial lesson? Call or text your instructor. If you’re not the last lesson of the day chances are your teacher is still around --- so you can come for a partial lesson, but will not be partially refunded.

What if I want to take more than 46 lessons in my contract year?

Yah! No problem at all. We will invoice you for the extra lessons.

What if my teacher needs to miss a lesson?

If an instructor misses a lesson and no sub or make-up is provided, your account will be credited a lesson for future use.