Hey Superheroes!

You’re a dedicated parent who doesn’t let anything stop you from giving your kiddos the best opportunities to learn and grow.

You’ve taken a year full of lemons and made apple juice.

Despite being spread impossibly thin this year, your kids have felt supported and secure in your unwavering presence. You have mastered being the homemaker, school tutor, hall monitor, cafeteria manager, guidance counselor, cheerleader, and closest friend - all while ALSO maintaining your day job, learning new tools and a new way to live life.


When you let yourself have a rare moment for yourself, you feel weary. It’s as if life is stuck on a treadmill that only has one speed: warp speed. You know that something has to change so that a new normal can be created. 

You worry about your kids. Are you creating enough alternative opportunities for their education, socialization, and creativity?

While you are willing to champion anything for your kids, you are really hoping for some new opportunities in 2021 to give your kids the outlets they need, while also taking a bit of the load off your plate.

We’re the team at Copper Hills Center for the Arts, and we’re parental superheros too!

2020 tested our creative problem solving skills to an unprecedented level.


Like you, we’ve been mastering ways to show up for our community in spite of the chaos. We’ve learned to embrace the plot twists and find new (often digital) ways to give our students the support and connection they need to keep being creative. 

The arts are vital to the growth of all humans - and we have been determined to keep going, no matter the circumstances.


The result has been a community of students who have an outlet for their creative pursuits. By staying in their private music lesson routines or having the opportunity to take a fun workshop, students have felt a sense of normalcy and have had something to look forward to - in spite of the chaos.

In-Person & Online Options
Acting Class is HERE!
COVID Precautions in Effect
Dance for Kiddos
Boys ONLY Dance
Chunky Knit Blanket
Private Music Lessons
Writing Consulting
Acting for Teens & Adults
Creative Engineering
Creative Writing - Web
The Freedom to Explore
Creative Engineering
The Freedom to Explore
Creative Outlets

If you want to feel the freedom of routine again for you and your family -

attend private music lessons, dance, acting classes and other specialty workshops.

Would you like to sign up for a creative outlet that is educationally, artistically and mentally beneficial?

If you said yes - here are a few options to get grooving with us: