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Copy of Jazz 1

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Grades K-2nd | $82/mth

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  • 84 US dollars
  • Black Rock Boulevard

Service Description

This Jazz class uses animated expressions and sharp, yet fluid, motions to upbeat music. This beginner class will give students the basic intro steps of jazz including, but not limited to, jazz squares, isolations (moving just one part of the body), chaine turns, spotting, basic leaps, and jumps. It is Beginner level, no dance experience required. Students will warm up with isolations and stretch sequences, work on across the floor patterns, and perform basic choreography at the end of each class. While students do not have to take ballet to enroll in this class, it is very helpful to take ballet in conjunction with this class. Shoes: Jazz shoes Female Attire: Leggings that cover the knee are required. T-shirt, tank top or leotard. No oversized or baggy clothing permitted. Hair up and out of the face, no jewelry. Male Attire: non-restrictive, athletic clothing. Hair up and out of the face, no jewelry.

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